Digital Health Literacy – Guide for Cancer Patients and Relatives

Your knowledge, your chance. New opportunities.

The Forum is developing a brochure as a handbook for digital health literacy.

The print medium allows a smooth transition with its seriousness and grip to all digital areas, the fixed word complements the fast moving information.

Topics are covered to enable patient:in to unleash the full potential of digital applications and information for their health.

A preview of topics:

  • Information quality, reliable sources and fake news.
  • Recognising Fake News
  • Identifying reliable sources
  • Digital health applications DiGA

How do I search for medical information online?

  • Centres of excellence
  • General information about cancer
  • Classification of tumours
  • Medicines
  • Treatment information
  • Clinical trials

This brochure will be available in spring 2023 and will be presented here.