Myths of Modern Operations – Robot Assisted Surgery

The Forum Gynaecological Oncology developed short video clips that are intended to alleviate the fear of surgery with humour and serious information and to educate people about modern procedures.

  • Doesn’t a robot work much more mechanically and imprecisely than a human hand?
  • The procedure is very new, isn’t it? Is there already experience with robot-assisted surgery, or am I the trial run?
  • Will I be operated on with a robot like on an assembly line? Will everything be done automatically?

These and many other questions about robot-assisted surgery are answered by Prof. Dr. Juhasz-Böss from the Universitäts Klinikum Freiburg.

There are many other myths about modern surgical procedures. In another part we will deal with myths about surgery in gynaecological oncology in general with our experts from the Charité. This part will introduce this series chronologically and conclude it thematically.

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